Our brand name Isasun is derived from the West African Yoruba Language. The word translates to Pot. 

Isasun was originally launched in May 2016 and is backed by Myllenn LLC | LTD.

We know that having the groceries to prepare your indigenous African Food can be a big challenge because we have been there — it's not always convenient to drive down to the nearest African store, schedule your shopping within their store hours, and get all your shopping done in good time. Solving this problem was the idea that birthed Isasun originally 234zone. 

Isasun is the number one online African grocer in the US, we deliver the highest quality African groceries, healthy snacks and more to you so you can continue to live your active lives, satisfied with your meals and do what makes you happy with your valuable time.

Sasun cuisine menus offers a variety of home cooked African meals that are made to our customers specifications. our customers can order their meals, and provide details on how it needs to be cooked. Our chefs will make the meals within 24 hours freeze and ship to the customer within 2-4 business days. 

We hope you share with us which of our products end up in your pot as you continue to shop with Isasun.